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18. December: Intuitive Coaching in Aachen

The sun beams us back to Germany, Aachen, where we meet my friend Jutta with her radiant laugh! Jutta is a coach emphasizing mind pervading leadership. She has many years of working experience on the management level and became an expert as executive coach herself. Her focus is how to train and use our intuition, especially in moments when challenges of our […]

16. December: Acupressure Massage in Hamburg

Going a bit south to Hamburg and we meet my friend Kerstin…better say we try to find her there, because she is flying between Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt. Kerstin was one of the first Massage services at airports in Germany. She is trained in Acupressure and Tuina Massage. And this kind of massage she offers every […]

6. December: Help yourself in Cologne!

The twin cities: Copenhagen and Cologne! And off to my radiant friend Yvette in Cologne, a whirlwind of positive energy, great sense of humor and style! Yvette’s background covers hypnosis, wingwave and EMDR. As an alternative practitioner she keeps her focus on recurring life themes and tough life phases. Based on her almost 20 years of experience she created […]

Cogito ergo sum

Cogito Ergo Sum

Awareness, but where? The medical network of DocCheck raised my awareness towards a very interesting German podcast. Psychocast is dealing with all phenomena related to psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. In series 21they investigated the facts and myths connected to sports and mind. There were quite some interesting facts: 1. Movement will uplift our mood. There are clear states of before […]