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19. December: Kathmandu Yogi in Chicago

From Germany we jump over the big water and land right in the heart of Chicago to meet my friend Natasha! Natasha is a power woman, who founded her fair trade company with the big wish that the companies activity may benefit many, promote cultural exchange and foster conscious development. Here you get your limited yoga and meditation […]

15. December: Meditation & Yoga Cushions in Copenhagen

And another C & C: from Cologne to Copenhagen! This time we meet my energetic friend Julia. Julia is a product designer and has the eye for geometry, beauty, and style, spiced with a German practical approach. Her heart beats for meditation and yoga. Out of her own experience that she was missing meditation and yoga […]

LIFE – state of existence

The mystery in us! We are living in an understanding of a timeline: birth-childhood-youth-adulthood-old age-death! In this timeline people may ask themselves, how long will we live? This question has not only an emotional or philosophical impact, but it also kept scientists busy as they attempt to find out if we have an expiry date […]

Like a fish in the water

fish in water

My inner zoo! In August we hosted my teacher Master Yang for a weekend workshop in Cologne. It was a great success and master class. It opened up deep levels of development by training Calligraphy Health & Yoga. We underwent intensive training sessions of minimum three hours and were breathing down deep into our system – […]