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19. December: Kathmandu Yogi in Chicago

From Germany we jump over the big water and land right in the heart of Chicago to meet my friend Natasha! Natasha is a power woman, who founded her fair trade company with the big wish that the companies activity may benefit many, promote cultural exchange and foster conscious development. Here you get your limited yoga and meditation […]

15. December: Meditation & Yoga Cushions in Copenhagen

And another C & C: from Cologne to Copenhagen! This time we meet my energetic friend Julia. Julia is a product designer and has the eye for geometry, beauty, and style, spiced with a German practical approach. Her heart beats for meditation and yoga. Out of her own experience that she was missing meditation and yoga […]

12. December: Muliebrity in Munich

Today I take you to Munich to meet my friends: lovely and beautiful Paulina and Ksu. Paulina and Ksu are 100% womanhood, classy and natural. And so is the fashion they produce. They say about their work: ” We are two friends with a passion for the finest, luxury fabrics, and creating classic, modern designs. We want […]

2. December: SWISSKEY bracelets from Alpnach

  I will kick it off with my amazing friend Julianne, located in a picturesque village in Switzerland.   Julianne creates lovely bracelets, which carries her beautiful story: “Since my childhood I used to find things on the street, my eyes seemed to scan the ground. What I found was a mix of plastic toys, jewelry […]

1. December: Good company around the world

Good company Or: A digital advent calendar to get excited about With my digital advent calendar I would like to invite you on an amazing journey of health promotion, well being and beauty. Every day I will open a door to one of my wonderful friends and their passion, talent or creativity. It will be […]