Like a fish in the water

fish in water

My inner zoo!

In August we hosted my teacher Master Yang for a weekend workshop in Cologne. It was a great success and master class. It opened up deep levels of development by training Calligraphy Health & Yoga.

We underwent intensive training sessions of minimum three hours and were breathing down deep into our system – as our respiration, movement and metabolism needed to get synchronized and interlinked.

The workshop’s focus was on the digestion and the hormone system, as well as the harmonizing the organs.

To get into the flow, we associated with certain animals, we moved for example like a double eel. The result was that the eels are not only swimming through us, but they are moving the organs and stretching the spine. The point was to let go of thinking how to move, but to build up trust into the movement itself. It was like learning to ride a bike. The moment we could let go of our intellectual approach of riding the bike, everything fell into place and we had the balance, power and movement in one place – , the positive effect is that one never looses the ability to ride a bike….!!!

Another form was the dancing dragon. We begin the sequence with holding powerfully the dragon’s head between our hands, and in the next moment we swirled around and followed the dragon’s tail in order to catch his head again and to hold him tight.

The standing monkey instead demanded full concentration and tension of the body, and then an abrupt relaxation of the body, so that all tension got blown away.

General results of Calligraphy Health & Yoga are warm hands, a grounded feeling, as well as a balanced physical and mental sensation.

Training in such an intensive way can cause some sore muscles the next day, but they loosen up very quickly.

In this way one can flow through the jungle of health playfully – body and mind are very thankful. And I am very thankful to Master Yang!