Detox is in!

You may have noticed that all of a sudden there are detox drinks, cremes, shower gels, teas, massages, plasters, fragrances….and I would assume much more.

But what, if anything, is behind it? Why do we need it?

In full: Detoxification (Greek/Latin)

Detoxification is our bodies way of healing itself, increasing it potency through remove the toxines which polute it. Our liver is our bodies best mechanism for detoxifying itself, if the liver is overloaded with toxins, then it might be a good time to give it a break.

The first step is then to erase alcohol, sugar and meat from the daily menu. And drink sufficient water and tea to fully flush the system.

The next step is to support the liver by drinking and eating basic foods. The red line is to focus on fruits and vegetables. Meat, dairy, grain, fats and most nuts are acid-forming nutrition. (You can find a comprehensive chart of these here.)

But it is not only nutrition that is important in detoxifying our bodies, movement is also essential in the process. Our metabolism comes into flow when we start to move. A good amount of moderate movements is already enough, to help clear those toxins out. Keep your pulse under 150 and 20-30 minutes walking, yoga, qigong, Calligraphy Health&Yoga is adequate.

Of course if you have the opportunity to travel to undergo some advanced detoxification then the  Queen of detoxification destinations is of course Asia. Sri Lanka or Thailand, being the most popular destinations. There one will get the full experience of nutrition, massage, movement, relaxation and so on, as well as the perfect climate and plenty of free time to blow away all worries, except of course the one to be on time for the next treatment.

And then we can say bey-bey to all detox cremes, detox shower gels, detox fragrance!