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15. December: Meditation & Yoga Cushions in Copenhagen

And another C & C: from Cologne to Copenhagen! This time we meet my energetic friend Julia. Julia is a product designer and has the eye for geometry, beauty, and style, spiced with a German practical approach. Her heart beats for meditation and yoga. Out of her own experience that she was missing meditation and yoga […]

13. December: Floral poesie in London

And we are back in London. This city is really creative and vibrant. And so is our lovely Anna!!! She is not a only a passionated food creator, she has also golden hands and green thumbs. In her hands all flowers merge into a captivating composition. These are not only flower bouquets, but true artworks. They combine pureness, […]

12. December: Muliebrity in Munich

Today I take you to Munich to meet my friends: lovely and beautiful Paulina and Ksu. Paulina and Ksu are 100% womanhood, classy and natural. And so is the fashion they produce. They say about their work: ” We are two friends with a passion for the finest, luxury fabrics, and creating classic, modern designs. We want […]

2. December: SWISSKEY bracelets from Alpnach

  I will kick it off with my amazing friend Julianne, located in a picturesque village in Switzerland.   Julianne creates lovely bracelets, which carries her beautiful story: “Since my childhood I used to find things on the street, my eyes seemed to scan the ground. What I found was a mix of plastic toys, jewelry […]