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24. December: Merry Christmas

The advent calendar comes to an end and so does the pre-christmas time. Today and the next days we are celebrating around the world christmas, which has for many people a different notion. Starting from christmas is a reminder of christian values, over the cosmic cycle enters a new turn, till Santa Claus is an invention […]

22. December: LOVE!

Our todays focus is on Julianne and LOVE! Julianne is such a multi-talent and she has to say something very meaningful with a lot of experience and knowledge, AND with a great, gorgeous and unexpected sense of humor. Her program is called: LOVE – right now and forever please! A show, which mirrors in a beautiful […]

21. December: Belly Dance in Cuba

Today we visit my lovely friend Gretel in Cuba! Gretel is a professional belly dance performer and teacher. After receiving her degree in Arts Education, she started to teach belly dance. Her dance projects and school is running professionally, but developed through inspiration and friendship. Gretel explained to me: “Belly dance is an initiation in femininity!” Her interpretation of […]

20. December: Take a break in the here and now!

From Chicago we remain in the here and now. Puhh! I tell you, we did a good journey already and zigzagged quite a distance and got impulses from so many different sides. We met so many amazing female friends with even more amazing skills, attitudes, support and experience. Lovely! But now I thought, we take a break, […]

19. December: Kathmandu Yogi in Chicago

From Germany we jump over the big water and land right in the heart of Chicago to meet my friend Natasha! Natasha is a power woman, who founded her fair trade company with the big wish that the companies activity may benefit many, promote cultural exchange and foster conscious development. Here you get your limited yoga and meditation […]

18. December: Intuitive Coaching in Aachen

The sun beams us back to Germany, Aachen, where we meet my friend Jutta with her radiant laugh! Jutta is a coach emphasizing mind pervading leadership. She has many years of working experience on the management level and became an expert as executive coach herself. Her focus is how to train and use our intuition, especially in moments when challenges of our […]

17. December: Hormone Yoga on the Algarve

And it is time to get some sun again. Let’s see what Kathrin is sharing with us today on the Algarve! Kathrin is trained in yoga and reflexology. Her specialization is hormone yoga, which is a natural alternative to any hormone therapy. While combining breathing and movement, the body energy will be directed to the places, which […]

16. December: Acupressure Massage in Hamburg

Going a bit south to Hamburg and we meet my friend Kerstin…better say we try to find her there, because she is flying between Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt. Kerstin was one of the first Massage services at airports in Germany. She is trained in Acupressure and Tuina Massage. And this kind of massage she offers every […]

15. December: Meditation & Yoga Cushions in Copenhagen

And another C & C: from Cologne to Copenhagen! This time we meet my energetic friend Julia. Julia is a product designer and has the eye for geometry, beauty, and style, spiced with a German practical approach. Her heart beats for meditation and yoga. Out of her own experience that she was missing meditation and yoga […]