5. December: Energy flow in Copenhagen

From Poland we go up north to my beloved Copenhagen. And we meet another cosmopolite colleague: lovely Larisa!

14440977_1285869181423163_6710825063300960764_nLarisa is from Ukraine and an educated graphic designer, but she found her passion in working with the body. When she met Master Yang, she got deeply inspired, and started learning the body flow methods of the internal martial arts style trained by the Shaolin monks. This special technique, which is called Calligraphy Health & Yoga, helps to activate the three inner circulations: blood circulation, digestion and vegetative system. In this way we loosen tensions, deal with stress and promote flexibility.

The key of the ancient knowledge of the Shaolin monks is: keep the flow of body and mind in balance!

Come and train with her on a special Christmas
Calligraphy Health & Yoga workshop on the 10.12. in Copenhagen. If you like to find out more about it, please check here!