4. December: Yeshe Nuad in Warsaw

The sun of Portugal beams us to the power of Warsaw!

It is time fi2012-12_montevideo_0310_rhlor an experience of magic hands –  from radiant Hania. Her laugh is like a fully shining sun!

Hania uses Thai Massage Yeshe Nuad. It is a holistic system based on an ancient medical Thai Massage (Nuad Boran). It enables the recovery of both, physical and mental balance. An unique combination of acupressure and assisted stretches (something a bit like a yoga done on you) makes the long term stress and tension disappear. On the psychological level one might experience lightness, joy and feelings of satisfaction. A state of pure relaxation! I love it!

Clients say about the massage: “The massage is great for a person like me- with permanent back problems and quite a lot of stress!”

If you like to know more about Hannah’s activity, please read here!