3. December: St. John’s Wort from Vila Do Bispo

From Switzerland to Vila Do Bispo, we can feel already the sun and meet Kathrin!

Kathrin is an educated nurse from Frankfurt and is living for the last 20 years in Portugal. Here she started her health journey as a yoga teacher, reflexology and healing therapist. But she uses not only her own power and strength to give people a special treatment, she also uses the power of the sun to produce St. John’s Wort Red Oil.

20151113-pen31212Kathrin says about the oil:

St.John`s Wort Red Oil has a soothing, antiseptic and healing effect on burns, muscle tears, bruises, contusions and wounds.

St John`s Wort, an ancient healing plant, is picked in the Monchique mountains of Portugal. The intense sun nourishes the oil, so that it can evolve its essence. One can use it for wound healing due to its pain-sooting and astringent effect.

Above all, it helps in sadness and depressive disorders, as well as a sleep aid and digestion support.

Try it out and get your bottle directly shipped from Portugal: 45ml for 9€ plus 3,50€ shipping.

For more info and usage direction, contact here!