20. December: Take a break in the here and now!

From Chicago we remain in the here and now.

Puhh! I tell you, we did a good journey already and zigzagged quite a distance and got impulses from so many different sides. We met so many amazing female friends with even more amazing skills, attitudes, support and experience. Lovely!

But now I thought, we take a break, because…hey…it is christmas! We only need to sleep four more nights and christmas day is there. Doesn’t matter what religion, world view or attitude we have, christmas is the time where we can spark our childhood excitement. In our family one important part was the christmas gift preparation: thinking about the perfect joy bringing gift or wish for everybody, secretly of course.

So, I would like to stay in my family tradition to think of the perfect christmas wish.

And here is what I wish:

May the immigration process of my very good and close friends from Venezuela, Belarus and Cuba, come into stable and safe status.

May everybody live and travel without any restriction and harm.

What is your christmas wish?

Write it right here on the wall or send me a pm. I am interested in your wish!



One thought on “20. December: Take a break in the here and now!

  1. Klaus Kaltenbrunner says:

    My Christmas wish: May the Karma Gayü lineage under the guidance of Karmapa Thaye Dorje flourish and grow. May it expand further in the western world protected by the blessing of Lama Ole and thriven through the activity of hid students.

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