21. December: Belly Dance in Cuba

Today we visit my lovely friend Gretel in Cuba!

Gretel is a professional belly dance performer and teacher. After receiving her degree in Arts Education, she started to teach belly dance. Her dance projects and school is running professionally, but developed through inspiration and friendship.

Gretel explained to me: “Belly dance is an initiation in femininity!”

Her interpretation of the dance in combination with the music developed with elements from Cuban dance, Afro-Cuban rhythms, classical Indian music, traditional Cuban music, Brazilian rhythms, and others.

Cuba and its history and conditions is a story on its own, and therefore I am more than honored to present Gretel today. When she met her teacher, the American-Cuban dancer Tiffany Madera, she was so inspired that she started literally from the scratch. With and from nothing than joyful and emotional support from friends and family, she is now a kind of an institution for many. With her classes for children and teenagers she offers a meaningful activity and inspiration. And this all without any internet and other technical equipment.

Check out her FaceBook page here!