2. December: SWISSKEY bracelets from Alpnach


I will kick it off with my amazing friend Julianne, located in a picturesque village in Switzerland.


Julianne creates julianneferenczy_ausschnittlovely bracelets, which carries her beautiful story:

“Since my childhood I used to find things on the street, my eyes seemed to scan the ground. What I found was a mix of plastic toys, jewelry from the bubblegum machine, or not identifiable somethings. For all those findings I established a Lost&Found office, a big paper box, which I watched like a treasure box – till today
. Yes the Lost&Found office is still existing, but today it is a very fancy plexiglas-drawer-box. When I was living in Hamburg I found once a keyring with plenty of can-clips. And that was the initial moment! Since that time I collected all kind of can-clips: Coca-Cola, Energy drinks, beer cans… Nowadays, located in Switzerland I use my treasure box findings to create my bracelets: SWISSKEY –  jewelry with reward!”


What a charming story.

And if you want to be a carrier of such an unique treasure, have a look here or write a message to Julianne. All bracelets are handmade and will be produced in your fitting seize.



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