8. December: The inner posture in Zurich

From London we fly down south to Zurich and meet my friend Alexandra.

Alexandra is a pure Cologne soul, but has been living in Zurich for many years. She started her health journey with reflexology and her path brought her more and more to understanding the energetic code of our body. She has now received the transmission of “The inner posture” (“Die innere Aufrichtung”).


Alexandra has really magic hands and she explains that by her method, “weakened or blocked internal energy wheels get set in motion”.

Once those internal
energy wheels begin flowing, our whole system will benefit from it. Our attitude as well as our physical posture will be balanced out and lifted. The key is: through physical relaxation, the mind can relax and unfold as well – and vice versa. Because mind and body are interconnected.

Through this flow of our energy, we activate our inner self-healing power.

Get to know this method or buy your lovely friend a special treatment:

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