16. December: Acupressure Massage in Hamburg

Going a bit south to Hamburg and we meet my friend Kerstin…better say we try to find her there, because she is flying between Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt.

Kerstin was one of the first Massage services at airports in Germany. She is trained in Acupressure and Tuina Massage. And this kind of massage she offers every passenger at the airports in Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt. The essence of acupressure, the pressure point massage rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, will benefit everybody a great deal in a short time. Relaxation, balancing and recharging before or after a flight is the best what one can get at the airport.

Kerstin says about the massage: “Everybody can relax in a place, where it is most needed and least expected.”

Read more about the massage service, which can also be booked for events and in companies.